Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wild theeng looks like a shawl!

Shawl, mixed fibers, rib stitch, size 8 aluminum needles - 14 in.

At least 16 yarns comprise this fabric, so it requires a big bag to hold everything together.  That makes it less good for traveling or social knitting.  It requires setting up in a chair that can hold all those balls of yarn, then cutting lengths of yarn either while knitting, or cutting a whole bunch of lengths.  I prefer cutting a lot of lengths and then winding them into a ball because I have tried just cutting lengths and putting them in a pile.  Inevitably there is some need to move the pile and then the yarns start to tangle and there's more time managing the yarn than there is knitting!  But all this is worth it. This earlier photo shows the yarns close up.

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