Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In the Studio: Baby Binky

Baby blanket, organic non-dyed cotton, easy lace stitch, size 7 cherry wood cable needle, 32 in.

This is a pattern from the 80s that I thought would be lovely and I like it quite a bit, although it's quirky.  The original pattern used one color, but I like having the big stripes of color. This cotton shrinks quite a bit so I'll be making a rather large piece of fabric and then shrinking it down in the wash.

I've had to rip out quite a lot because my concentration hasn't been what it takes - I space out and get a stitch wrong in one row and it doesn't show up til the next row or two, so I have to rip back to the error.  But it's worth it in order to get the subtle zig zag effect in the overall fabric pattern right. It's a yo, k2tog repetition offset by one stitch each row to get the bias ridge along the fabric, so missing one stitch gets everything off kilter!

It moves along swiftly, so it ought to be complete while the infant is still an infant   8-)

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