Thursday, January 02, 2014

Two for the show

Black silk and alpaca

Black and white nylon fuzzy on a plain wool base

Black scarf; alpaca and silk blend, rib stitch, size US 3 wood needle, 10 in. and Bland and white shawl, black wool with white nylon "eyelash", seed stitch, size 7 cable needle, 32 in.

I finished both of these for the December shows and sales but didn't get a chance to photograph them. 

The black ribbed scarf was dreamy to make due to the lovely hand produced by the silk and alpaca.  

The black and white shawl in-progress entry from December 2011 (!!!) talks about one plan, but I decided to drop the idea of the fasteners because I just haven't been able to make any that look good. It ended up being a deliciously soft and luxurious mondo shawl. I had a huge amount of the yarn - 10 balls.  I took a really long time to finish due to the change in idea, but also because it's honking BIG.  I changed back and forth between straight needles and the cable a couple times, just to break it up a little bit.  It seemed heavier on the straight needles.

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