Sunday, January 05, 2014

From one work in progress to another

Triangle shawl; mixed fibers: bamboo, mohair, linen, silk, cotton; stockinette stitch, size 3 carbon fiber cable needle, 24 in.

This big cake of yarns at the top of the photo was in a bag with the balls separate yarns, orphaned after I finally tossed the work in progress they were put together to make. The yarns were carefully cut and tied together in a somewhat random order into the big cake. Yesterday I bumped into the bag as I was scrounging through my stash and decided to alternate the lavender boucle mohair with it.  It's essentially the same shawl pattern as the one in the abandoned and tossed wip, but I think the lavender mitigates the strength of the contrasts in the other yarns.

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