Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Triangle shawl of nylon and mohair.


Triangle shawl, mohair, nylon, rayon, woven or linen stitch, size 9 wood cable needle, 32 in.

This has been an exploration of using shiny nylon tapes.  In this piece I combined the tapes with mohair yarns and so-called "ladder" or "railroad" yarns, making a fuzzy and shiny shawl.  I know the two photos look like two different shawls.  Some is due to lighting, but the rest is due to the way that the woven stitch can be done in a way that produces the vertical striping on the "back" side, or the reverse stockinette side.  This pieced helped me discover this effect and I'm obsessing with it by doing it on purpose with lots of other work. I used about 15 yarns in rows that alternated between "cool" colors and "warm" colors.  The photos don't show the range of hues and values, which go from deep blue/black to shell pink through orange, purples, blues and reds.

The nylon tape makes it heavy. I like the way the nylon looks, but that's about all the good I can say about it.

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