Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the studio - purple and gold

Scarf, mixed fibers; wool, cotton, nylon, silk, viscose, mulberry silk, mohair, polyester, linen; garter stitch, size 5 bamboo needles

This is a basic idea that I had so long ago that I don't even recall when it was. I'm glad I'm implmenting it just to see what really happens. I like it, but the short rows and knotting at the end of each row gets to be a lot more knotting than I realized when I started. It's one of the first ideas that I had for the purple and gold series, which is going along swimmingly.

I have a lot going on that I haven't photographed, so I've charged up the camera and will begin a photographic bout soon.

First, however, I'll be photographing as many finished things as I can with a friend who has agreed to be a mannequin for me. Yay! She's an artist, so I'm looking forward to what she'll do. I trust her artistic judgment, so I think she'll really help with the composition. She's also a librarian, so we're going to shoot in the library and use interesting nooks and crannies. All that will go into the Etsy website along with all the "in progress" photos for each piece. Tons o' fun!!

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