Friday, September 12, 2008

Finished shawl - gypsy

Triangle shawl, mixed fibers; cotton, linen, nylon, rayon, silk, wool, polyester, lurex, sequins; garter stitch, size 4 wood cable nedle, 24in.

I love the texture of the mixed fibers on this more condensed fabric. I've done a lot of loose and swingy fabrics with similar fiber and yarn mixes, but I think the smaller needles makes a lovely drape. It's almost impossible for me to catch the sequins, but they are a wonderful glint in the overall effect. I tied on random lengths of approximately 30 yarns. I trimmed the knot ends and didn't try to weave them into the fabric. They can be found, but in general they do not show because of the wildness of the fabric surface due to yarn combinations.

I kept to medium value hues, staying away from extremes. This gives it more of a blended effect, even though I didn't use a blending stitch such as linen stitch. I also used saturated hues rather than a lot of grayed or pastel hues. It's overexposed in the sunlight for this photo, so that effect doesn't show up. I just couldn't resist taking the photo on a bright and sunny morning. I chose a medium/dark turquoise as a base color and used it between other colors, or never went more than two or three colors without returning to it. I think choosing a base yarn helps integrate the fabric both in the color sense and the texture sense.

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