Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finished capelet.

Capelet, single crochet, hemp with "E" seed beads [at the end of each fringe]. Unsized crochet hook, equivalent to about a size 1 or 2 steel hook.

If this didn't take so doggone much time I'd make bunches of them. It's easy to improvise once you get the hang of how to increase in a circle. I like the feel of the hemp in my fingers. The May 9 entry has better focus, but this is the absolutely completed version.

It took *forever* to do the fringe, which was:
crochet 19 sc,
add bead,
sc, half dc, dc, tr, dc, half dc, sc,
sl back up to the top of the chain

It makes a sort of teardrop shape pendant. The bead at the tip adds a little glint.

It felt like I was making hundreds of them, because the bottom edge has so many stitches, and I made a pendant/fringe every three stitches.

Finishing: I made a picot edging for the neckline, which softened the austere line of my starting chain [I worked from the neckline down]. Blocking was essential to make the fringes behave themselves, and since there were so many, it took a lot of time. But it looks lovely with those finishing touches.

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