Friday, March 02, 2007

In the studio

Cape, Turkish lace stitch, size 13 cable needle, 24 in; merino wool and mohair

The Turkish lace is what I was trying to do with the polyester yarn in the last two entries and it was kicking my butt. However, I finally have mastered it and I think this merino and mohair blend shows it off quite nicely. The mohair is, yes, neon green, which I adore, and which was dyed by the folks at Woodstock Wool Company. They are doing much more dying and exploring with great colors! The Merino is dyed beautifully in spring green colors by Great Adirondack Yarn, another company that dyes yarns that blow my mind.

The cape is problematic. I've been sort of careless in the design, so I'm sweating to get myself out of a technical dilemma. It's too small and I'm trying to decide whether to make a sort of patchwork/intrelac section that'll make it the right size, or to rip out a bunch of stuff and just knit more in the pattern. I'll keep you all updated.


Elizabeth said...

This one, I want to fondle.

Lorre said...

It's as dreamy as it looks!