Monday, March 12, 2007

Finished scarf

Scarf, rib stitch, "Melody" yarn by SWTC, nylon and rayon, size 9 plastic needles

The needles are big enough so that this fabric has a dreamy drape. The color changes a good deal with the light, and I'm not sure if the ruby red color comes across to everyone, but trust me, this is a luscious red. I'm keeping it for myself because I know it will work well with my wardrobe, and I want to wear it.

I went to my new local yarn shop again and happened to arrive at about the same time as the Sunday social knitting group. It was great to see everyone's project. I'm often highly impressed by the skills I see in projects.

Many of these people are members of the Cult O'Socks as I call them. There were some socks in that shop yesterday, babe. Oh yeah.

I was looking for kid mohair to use in a project I've started which calls for black. No black in the shop. Just about every other color though. much do I want to hunt for black kid mohair in my LYSs. As is so often the case, when I'm looking for something specific, it's not to be found in the local scene. *grumble* That didn't keep me from browsing around the shop and having fun, however.

I showed off my forest green kid mohair scarf (December 8 2006 entry) and they made all the right admiring sounds. I'm stroked. I am using a teensy steel crochet hook to incorporate sequins. Photos soon.

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