Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Finished scarf

Scarf, forest green kid mohair and silk, rib stitch, size 9 plastic needles

Et voila - I got all the sequins into a crochet border. This technique is much easier that stringing the sequins onto the yarn and pulling them into the crochet as needed. I tried that technique in the black kid mohair scarf, December 4, 2006 entry. I'm using a size 14 steel hook, which is so teensy that it's easy to bend it. But the hook fits through the center of the sequins, so I can pull the kid mohair through each sequin. I'm certain this technique can also be used to inclue beads in the crochet or knitting if the yarn is fine enough and the beads are large enough.

I'm getting my sequins from Cartwright's. Warning. This site is dangerous...

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