Monday, February 26, 2007

In the studio

Scarf, garter stitch, mixed fibers: nylon, polyester, rayon; size 7 wood cable needle, 24 in. Approx 6 in wide.

This scarf feels "funny", but I think it's a good experiment. Sorry about the evening light with the photo again. It's the last one! I started this experiment while I was in Texas with just two yarns, and when I brought that back I ripped it out. The first attempt was about 3 in. wide. But there was something calling me to do more with the idea, so here is a wider version with more colors. It's not a "warmth" scarf, but a fashion accessory idea, so the color and texture are meaningful. I think of the scarf as being combined with very smooth fabrics for maximum constrast. It should be worn untied, as a stole or loosely tied in Ascot mode.

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