Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the Studio

Purse, cotton "Crysalis" yarn, rib stitch, size 9 wood needle

I got this off the needles recently. It's ready for lining, seams, a strap and a beautiful button. Finding the right button sometimes becomes quite a project. I tend not to settle for just any old button. This one looks like it might do with an old horn button from a big leather coat. I have two more skeins of the Chrysalis yarn by Colinette. The colors are very attractive to me and I like the rib stitch. But I think I may try another stitch.

This past weekend I was working with one of the "railroad" or "ladder" yarns, this one dyed by Blue Heron Yarns. It's called Old Gold and is dyed to be a darker blend of golds, greens and browns with little touches of other harmonious colors. The yarn is nylon and rayon, and the nylon cords that could be called the "rails" are very springy. After 17 rows a huge bunch of stitches sprang off the needles and I had to start over, casting on 106 stitches. Oy! I took what I have finished to the Saratoga Needle Arts yarn shop on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, and the great staff there helped me find a beautiful match that I'll use to make a border. You'll see in the upcoming photo that the colors are tricky. It's just a tricky yarn altogether!

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