Friday, February 16, 2007

In the studio

Shawl, wool yarn, size 13, 24 inch cable needle, rib stitch.

I've been carrying this shawl around with me because it's easy to knit it and talk at the same time. It's an Auracania yarn, and they seem to be specializing in that uneven "hand dyed" look. Yes, the reds in this photo are not consistent along the strand of yarn, and result is an uneven surface color. I think it makes one's eye move over the fabric in a way that a perfectly even color cannot.

The combination of the rib stitch along with the relatively large needle size make this fabric very stretchy and springy. I have a lot of this yarn because I got it in a grab bag from Webs, so I'm going to make this shawl very large. I'm imagining the eventual owner wrapping up in it and feeling luxuriously pampered and cozy.

If anything worries me about the design of this piece, it's about the edge. Maybe I need to consult my Nicki Epstein books on edges.


Betel said...

This is beautiful! Is it new since the last time I was over?

Lorre said...

I started it in January but it sat for awhile before I did a bunch more. It tends to go quickly with those huge needles.