Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Scarf, wool, rib stitch, size 5 cable needle

This is within inches of taking it off the needles. It's about 1.75 in. wide and will be about 72 in long. I think I'll add about 6 more inches, which won't take more than a half hour. The butter colored sequins are the ones I have chosen to use for the embellishment. That tends to go slowly, but I adore the effect.

This is done with Colorado Wool's "Vail" yarn, which I like more and more as I handle it and use it to create different pieces. It's a dk weight, and in a tight rib like this scarf it's just perfect. The sequins are from Cartright's which has provided endless fun for only $20. I have to restrain myself on a site like that because of course I want them ALL.

I finally am investigating the closeup focus function in my camera, so I hope to have less and less blur in each closeup image.


Elizabeth said...

OHMYGOD, the glass buttons at the Cartwright's site. Oh my, oh my, oh. Which reminds me that I scored some hand torched buttons from Ginko that I need to use somehow to test them. Hmmmmm.

Lorre said...

Buttons? I always get so involved with the sequins that I didn't realize they have buttons! Oh yeah, Ginko beads could be unparalleled.