Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In the studio

Stole, lavender mohair, rib stitch, size 13 cable needle

Well heck darn, the purple and gold scarf photo won't upload for some freaky reason that I can't discover just now. But here's this old thing.

I've had the cone of mohair around for a few months, wondering what I could bear to make with it. So I'm doing this very girly stole, I think with a flounce on the bottom and big buttons. I'm knitting side to side, so the rib will make a strong horizontal stripe effect. I'll try to take photos as I progress. The rib also makes the mohair fabric rather thick, so this thing is going to be warm as all get out.


prairierabbit said...

OOO! Gorgeous.

Lorre said...

Thanks! It reminds me of the one you made a little bit. I look at that one every day - it's right where I sit and knit. I'm going to put a photo of it in the blog and show it off!