Friday, September 30, 2016

Organic gray wool

Scarf, organic wool, rib stitch variation, size 8 plastic needles, 7 in.

This is a thick and thin wool yarn, so the texture of the finished fabric is pleasantly uneven and has a  rustic attitude. It feels great going through my hands. Since it is knit with one yarn I have taken it every where with me in a bag and pulled it out for working when I have a few minutes to wait, or on a long car or bus ride.

The stitch is a variation of a k2 p2 ribt stitch.  I begin with k2 p2 for 8 rows, then switch to p2 kn2 for 8 rows and repeat for the length of the scarf.  I like the play of the light across the surface and the way it makes the scarf bulky. This stitch pattern is also similar to a basketweave pattern.

The wool is from Sweden and is quite soft and comfortable. The bulky weight will make it quite warm, and it is long enough to be wrapped around the neck twice for extra warmth on really cold days.

Scarf dimensions are 7 inches wide by 72 inches long.

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