Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fuzzy and shiny - pastels for autumn

Shawl, 14 yarns, mohair, linen, silk, nylon, rayon, beads, seed stitch, size 9 nickle cable needle, 32 in.

Cast on 3 stitches, add four stitches to each row, change yarns each row.

A chart to help organize use of the colors and yarns in the fabric.

The rayon in the "ladder" yarn has a gorgeously shiny surface that reflects light in beautiful contrast to the mohair yarns, which remain a matte surface.

The long edge is about 72 inches, and at it's deepest point it is about 15 inches long.  The shawl can be worn over the shoulders like a traditional shawl with the point in the back, or it can be turned with the point in front.  It can also be worn as a babushka to keep the head and neck warm.

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