Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Silks and mohair shawl

I pulled this out of the work in progress bin yesterday and have become enamored of it all over again.  I got the yarns last summer in Tivoli, New York at a shop called Fabulous Yarns.  I found out about the shop through their website, fabulousyarns.com  The teal mohair is BeSweet brushed medium mohair, the black silk  is probably either ArtYarn or Tili Thomas and the cone of fine silk tweed  with teal and black is Habu.  Once I discovered that the teal in the silk tweed and the brushed mohair is the same, I decided i had to try to make a fabric encorporating both of them, and so voila!  The black takes everything down a shade, which makes it more serious than frivolous.

I'm alternating rows a  b a c  with the Habu as the a.  It's seed stich, so the rows blend in an interesting way and in certain lights you can't see that there are rows.  I'm using a size 4 needle, which makes the going a bit slow.

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