Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In the studio - red heather

Scarf, wool, rib stitch, size 9 wood needles

This is part of series of rather simple fabrics. I'm streaking through the projects and thinking about interesting finishing touches. Like for this one I'm thinking about white pom poms for the ends. Or maybe some other kind of finish that isn't fringe.

But on the "knitting trips" score: I went to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival again this year. Sunday I got up early in Bennington, Vermont after a wonderful day of knitting with Allison and Julia and headed out towards Rhinebeck. I wandered down the western edge of Massachusettes, then switched over the to Taconic Parkway around Great Barrington. Ooooohhh, Aaaaahhhh! what divine scenery!

The traffic started getting heavy right in the middle of Rhinebeck, with cars lined up all the way to the Duchess County Fairgrounds. It was great to see so many knitters, weavers, sheep farmers, vendors and fellow travelers.

In past years I've swerved around the Great Adirondack Yarn Company's booth, sometimes because it has been too packed, but other times because I think of my budget and shrink back. But this year I made a straight path right to it, thinking I'd buy a skein and devil take the hindmost. Well...I found that they had "bundles" of 500-800 yards for $25 - $30. Aiigh! So I did the reasonable thing and got three bundles of what I. Just. Couldn't. Resist. Extremely yummy.

With that swiftly stashed in my tote bag I commenced strolling around and looking at what great things people were wearing, the fiddling contest, the sheepies and goaties. I found a little bit more mohair that I couldn't seem to be able to leave there, and then it was time to get back home.

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