Sunday, October 12, 2008

In the studio - gray fluff shawl

Triangle shawl, mixed fibers: mohair, nylon, rayon, acrylic; size 10 wood cable needle, 24 in.

After working with strong colors for quite awhile, I've acquired a taste for more neutral colors and I'm starting many experiments with them. This is the most fuzzy or furry looking.

I'm trying to work out my philosophy of textile design, since that is what I keep claiming is my "art". So far I think that my simple working methods are fascinating because they give me considerable control over the density and texture of the fabric. So I work with various needle sizes and yarn gauges to produce an array of fabrics that are very loose and light to fabrics that are very dense and heavy. This work is very loosely loomed and would be very light, however the nylon and mohair are quite heavy yarns, so it has a nice heft to it. the drape has a considerable amount of stretch, so it holds to the curves of the shoulders nicely. The fibers that form the knap of this fabric are extremely long - almost one inch for most of the fluffy yarns.
This could make the fabric very fur-like, however, I'm not in favor of trying to imitate animal fur with synthetic yarns, so I have broken the surface with a "railroad" yarn which has shiny rayon squares. So while there's a hint of furishness, it's interrupted with dots of subtle colors.

Well, that's some noodling that may eventually get me to a philosophy, anyway.

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