Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the studio

Capelet, cotton, lace rib stitch, size 9 cable needle, 24 in.

I got this far on this piece several months ago and have been letting it sit while I decide how to finish it. The yarn is a worsted weight cotton, and pure pleasure. The manufacturer used indigo for dyeing and so it will fade beautifully like good blue jeans. So part of me wants to wash it several times and then decide about the details. It is knitted back and forth rather than in the round, so I feel it needs a closure, and I'm wondering about a button or something else.

I just replaced my lost book on braids, so I may do a fabulous braid tie closure. So much to think about!!!!

I still have several skeins of the yarn, and have also begun a scarf. I feel like it requires either something very plain, like stockinette stitch, or something really fancy, like cables or laces. *sigh* Although it doesn't look it, the challenges are difficult!!

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