Monday, April 14, 2008

In the studio

Scarf, wool, rib stitch, size 10.5 plastic needles [dig the groovey pattern]

This is a celebration of the glorious colors of Noro. I used the yarn left over from a huge shawl to quickly work up this scarf. It's been wonderful protection from those late winter and early spring damp northeast breezes.

The needles are something that just appeared in my local fabric and yarn shop. They're very hard and quite heavy, so I'm not able to bend them as I do most plastic or wood needles - yay! They also have very pointy tips, so I'm using them to advantage with a rather difficult "railroad" yarn now that I have completed this scarf.


Anonymous said...

oh, what a lovely colourway. which one is that?

Lorre said...

It's a combination of about three of them - sorry I don't have the names. My hobby is cutting up the Noro colorways and remixing them.


Trudi said...

Fabulous colors!