Monday, October 15, 2007


This is what my work area looks like when I'm working on one of those fabrics with lots of yarns. It doesn't show the bags lined up beside the table. I find that I need the array of yarns to be visible so that I can mix and blend, improvising with colors and textures. It makes it almost impossible for these projects to be taken anywhere, because it takes such a long time to set up and take down. And there really aren't a lot of places with a whole table available. Last year at this time I went to a hotel for a few days and took this project, and the hotel room just happened to have a big dining table, which immediately got appropriated for the yarn.

It must be arranged just so. I need to see the yarns that are meant to be carried with others, the thinner yarns and the thicker yarns, so that I can balance the fabric and it doesn't get too much of one texture, or it doesn't get too thin in spots. The base yarn (in this case the cone on the far left) has to be easy to use so that I can use it every other row or more frequently without having to dig it out of the piles.

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