Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finished shawl

Triangle shawl [increase one stitch each row], suri [alpaca], garter stitch, size 10 aluminum cable needle, 24 in.

I think I enjoyed every stitch of this shawl, mostly because of the way it felt in my hands as I knitted it. I have some niggling concerns about the way it will fit. The triangle is very long. I think I'll probably increase two stitches each row as a default triangle length from now on. With this shawl the back is very long and the side that goes across the shoulders isn't very long, so keeping it on one's body may be a problem.

Using large needles with the relatively light weight suri yarn produced a lacy effect that I enjoy.

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Elizabeth said...

One of my books (I think it might have been Knitting Rules) suggests that the shoulder side should be "as wide as your wingspan (fingertip to fingertip with your arms outstretched)" in order to stay on comfortably.