Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Knitting not blogging

I have been knitting like a deranged fiend. Feels good! It's the afghans - I've taken leave from my day job and have been able to camp out in my studio with all the bags of yarn it takes for these huge pieces. They don't travel well at all, and since I'm in the middle of things photos are rather boring. One is depicted on Oct. 30 and one on Nov. 6 2006. They're much bigger now.

The technique involves sitting among heaps of yarns. For the teal-purple one I'm using a yarn for two rows and then switching. I'm paying close attention to making broad bands of similar colors. The woven stitch (also called linen stitch) makes the colors blend in a lovely way, so I use many rows of teal with aqua, or instance, then start blending in another color. It's very amusing to play with the color and try to make sure it keeps my mojo interested.

For the black-white-red one I'm switching yarn every row. I'm working it in k1 p1 rib stitch. I use a black wool and hemp blend and black cotton chenille and now a black Peruvian wool as what I call "base" yarns. They have a matte finish. They make up the most of the piece. Then I use black yarns with very interesting textures, some fuzzy, some shiny, some with little flags, and occasionally a red row or a white row and sometimes a gray row. But I always go back to the base yarns so that they make up the greater part of the fabric.

Just thinking about it makes me want to log off and get back to the studio!!!

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