Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Finished scarf

Scarf, wool and silk, rib stitch variation, size 5 cable needle, 16 in.

I can hardly believe that I didn't get a photo of this while it was in progress. I worked on it for quite a long time because of the size of the needles - whew! But it's worth it and I have joyfully be wearing the scarf in this very nippy weather.

I switched the rib each seven rows to get that segmented appearance, and I like the texture very much. The Noro "Silk Garden" can stand to be knit up in a very plain stitch due to the beautiful dying, but I like this texture also. I've not knit such a compactly designed piece in quite awhile and this felt very good all the way through. And I must say all the small needle projects I'm doing at this time seem like they are taking FOREVER. But I like the fabrics. They are re-introducing me to a whole other sort of knitting from what I had been doing, and that is nice for my perspective.

Now that this is complete I'm going back to my afghans hammer and tongs once again.

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Ellen said...

Nice work, Lorre. I figured I'd just leave my comment on the most recent post. You really are an artist. I wish I could knit like you do. I just never seem to have enough time.