Thursday, November 10, 2005

In the studio

Hat, crochet, wool and nylon, single crochet throughout, crochet tassle, size f hook

This perky hat is made from a red wool that's like Lopi (I'll have to find the label again to give you the details) and a very nubby, curly, bouncy boucle wool that has a teensy bit of nylon to keep it somewhat organized into a thick and thin strand. I'm liking the way the multi color yarn is bumpy and makes nice texture variation somewhat like popcorn stitch in the single crochet. It's a very thick hat due to the bulkiness of the yarn, and also not soft but stiff due to the smaller crochet hook used.

I'm also working on a series of capelets. One is made with Southwest Trading Company "Melody" and one is out of a generic wool and hemp blend that I got in Saratoga Springs. Queer Joe (see a link to his blog in the sidebar) tipped me off about this yarn and I went up and snaffled a few cones of it. These two capelets are off the needles and awaiting finishing touches. I think I may do crochet edgings tonight.

I've also started a capelet with forest green lace weight mohair - very floaty. I'm using a size 5 needle for the base stitch and a size 15 to make very loose rows and to get a lace effect without having to count a stitch pattern. Photos to come soon!

I'm doing a grand finishing effort over the next few days and then taking everything I have to the gallery in Woodstock.

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