Thursday, November 03, 2005

Finished hat

Hat, mixed fibers, crochet, single crochet stitch throughout, reversible, H hook

The inspirational yarn for this series is made in Italy for a Swiss company called Lang. It's called Nora
I have found it to be very comfy. It's a strip of woven fabric wrapped with a light fuzzy strand. If you click on the thumbnail of it on the Lang site, you'll see the details. I've not seen anything quite like it. The colors are earthy, so with a few more yarns added in, these hats are very symbolic of the autumn, and they feel all cozy and warm to the touch because of the fuzziness.

For me it's easy to hide the knots and weave in the ends while doing crochet and a pain while knitting. So I made everything completely tidy on both sides in order to make it possible to roll up the bottom or even turn it inside out.

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