Thursday, January 12, 2017

Colorful silk and abaca

Scarf, mixed fibers, abaca and silk, size 3 double pointed needles, wood, 8 in.

This is a fabric worked with two yarns in seed stitch.  The yarns are worked in alternating rows throughout the length of the scarf. The abaca yarn produces the color variation in the fabric. It's about 8 inches wide and will be approximately 72 inches long.

One yarn is a solid red silk ribbon and the other is a wrapped variegated abaca fiber in pink, red, olive and black.

The fine gauge of the yarns and needles result in a huge amount of knitting in order to complete the rather large scarf 8x72 in.  Because the fibers are not wool, but more like linen or a very fine cotton, the scarf will be more suitable  as a fashion accessory rather than for warmth. The texture after just being knitted is somewhat like linen, meaning it will be a little stiff, and will soften the more the scarf is handled and cleaned. It will eventually drape beautifully like a well-worn linen or silk.

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