Tuesday, October 01, 2013

In the Studio - alternating rows

This Habu silk ribbon I recently picked up from Fabulous Yarns seemed like a good match to work with a Noro yarn made of abaca fiber that I got several years ago.

I like it!

Since I had a second color way of the Noro yarn I went back to Fabulous Yarns and picked up the red silk ribbon - it's another nice match.

I figured out that I could do the alternating rows technique in seed stitch that Christoffersson developed for garter stitch.  

If you click the "Look Inside" link for the book on the Amazon page, the pattern is the Two Colors Garter Stitch Four rows, #1. The blues and greens color way above is exactly that pattern.  The reds one is my seed stitch variation.  You don't have to cut the yarns, just keep alternating them each row.  I am trying this is about six different projects right now.  I'm obsessed with seeing how wonderful it is with different yarns.

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