Saturday, August 21, 2010

In the studio - white afghan

Afghan, linen stitch or woven stitch,  mixed fibers: cotton, linen, mohair, silk, wool, lurex, alpaca,  acrylic, polyamide; size 9 cable needle, 60 in.

I started another afghan because I have all these whites - fat ones, skinny ones, fluffy ones, shiny ones... and so now I have this quite lovely binkie in progress.  About every third row I am using an alpaca boucle, and the texture is all brought together by its softness and drape.

I haven't measured it yet with the tape measure but it's about 65 inches wide. It has both gold and silver  metallic highlights among the yarns, so it has a very elegant look rather than the more bohemian effect that mixing a couple dozen yarns has.  I'm working with a bin of the yarns at the ready.  I seem to able to keep at it for about a week at a time and then I have to put it aside and do something else.

I haven't bothered really to talk about this in the past, however there are very few things I produce by following someone else's pattern.  I don't think about it much.  I design textiles, so the shape happens as a secondary consideration and I'm not interested in complex garment construction. I'm not going to go back and edit all the entries for which this applies.  So from now on I have decided to indicate that each piece is of my design with the term:

Original design

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