Sunday, July 25, 2010

In the studio - fall boa

Boa, approximately 65 inches in length; mixed fibers: wool, cotton, silk, linen, acrylic, angora, nylon, rayon, polyester, metallic; linen stitch; size 10 wood needles, 10 in. approx

Quite the pile!  This scarf is 11 stitches wide, with fringe at the end of each row approximately 3 inches long.  There is a different yarn each row and I used more than 30 yarns to compose the fabric, most of which are deep oranges and browns.

I began it last fall and put is aside in favor of other projects.  Yesterday I rediscovered it and had to collect the three bags of yarn together again in order to make the last part similar to the first.  I used a method of selecting a "base" color.  I used this color approximately every 3rd row in order to provide a base color upon which to build the remendous variety of other colors.  It tends to unify the fabric in spite of the more than 30 colors and textures which are incorporated.

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