Friday, June 13, 2008

In the studio - pastel scarf

Scarf, mixed fibers: nylon, wool; garter stitch, size 13 wood needles

This done with two strands, changing colors in a systematic way. It's made with an old Rowan R2 "paper" yarn. I'm really having trouble liking the yarn.

I'm just not convinced that it's a good yarn for garments. I lusted after it for months on end because of the idea of it, and then I finally ordered it and found out that it looks interesting in pictures but feels icky. So this may never reach fruition. I'm going to try handbags, which I think will be more suitable for its characteristics. If that doesn't feel right, it may go to rag rugs. That's where the really awful yarns end up in my studio, anyway.

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