Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In the studio - red ruana

Ruana, mixed fibers, wool, silk, cotton, hemp, nylon, linen, mohair, rayon; linen stitch; size 9 cable needle, 24 in.

Et voila!


Anonymous said...

oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

when i saw you describe the yarn you were creating, i was thinking it would look gorgeous, and indeed it does.

you're inspiring me to do something like this with my teal and turquoise yarns. the only thing holding me back is the knotting. i am wondering whether i couldn't sew the yarn together instead. well, nothing like trying it out.

Lorre said...


I've thought about sewing also. Let me know if you try it. With the yarns I'm using in this piece, which are mostly a medium or worsted weight, I think sewing would work. But with the short lengths I'm using it would be a *lot* of sewing.