Sunday, September 10, 2006

Design notes

Today I completed a dress I designed from scratch. Photo to come soon. I'm trying to figure out *how* to photograph it in a way that makes me happy.

This is the project for which I did a swatch, figured out measurements from the swatch and started. It's a shift with a halter strap, and is meant for hanging out at home.

I started knitting from the bottom edge, so I had time to contemplate what to do at the top. I began with stockinette so that I could mindlessly knit for hours on end, and that was highly satisfying. I wanted a loose shift for lounging at home, something like a mu mu. Remember mu mus? Since I am under five ft. in height, it is almost impossible for me to find a dress that is knee length, so I thought since I'm making it myself I'd get that knee length for which I yearn. At about the waist I decided to change to a rib stitch, thinking it'd draw in just a bit and have a little shape to it, and that was a great idea. Then a little above the waist I decided that I'd like to try something besides a straight tube, and I went for the halter, open back design. I began to knit back and forth, binding off about 25 stitches to give a straight bottom to the open back. Then I began to decrease one stitch each row to give a graceful curve to the back. It has a fabulous loose and comfy feel to it and is a refreshing change from a straight band at the top with gathering in the mu mu style.

So - my sojourn into garment design has taken a giant step forward. I'm ready to try something else, or do this shift idea again with some variations. I could use two or three of these house dress/nightgown thingies, so I may stick with this for awhile.

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