Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Knitting explorations

The knitted linen cloths that I'm making for gifts are coming along nicely. I'm using very old plastic circular needles in size 4. They were in the collection I inherited from mom this past summer. The linen is not bleached, so I am washing it until the rinse water runs clear,, which seems to me to be quite a lot of washing.

I recently ordered one of the grab bags from Webs, one of my most favorite yarn stores, located in Northampton, Massachusettes. I go to the store when possible, and also have been very satisfied with my orders until now. The order form instructs us to put our grab bag color preferences in a special instructions section, which I did, then I got colors not even closely related to what I requested. They were willing to take it back, but frankly, I'm too lazy to mail it back to them. It's a royal pain in the neck for me. I should have called in the order and asked a lot more questions.

But now that I'm really looking at the yarn, after I got over the initial disappointment, it's interesting. *sigh* So I'm putting things together with it and "making do" with what I got. It's a lesson learned, and it won't by any means cause me to stop shopping at Webs , because it's such a fabulous collections of yarns, plus an excellent source for true bargains.

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