Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the studio

Scarf, mixed fibers: wool, nylon, size 13 cable needle, 16 in. Rib stitch.

I dreamed of this scarf for quite awhile before making it. The finishing touches will be two applique red circles, one on each end. I want to play a lot more with this high contrast color scheme, and develop some interesting embellishments.

I love this black and white yarn! I've thought of a million things I want to make with it.

Monday, October 30, 2006

in the studio

Afghan, rib stitch, size 13 cable needle, 29 in. mixed fibers: wool, cotton, silk, rayon, lurex, nylon, angora, polyester, acrylic, mohair

I love this afghan, although it's hard to see the black yarn unless I knit in very bright light. It is going to be fabulously yummy. This is one of two pieces that I'll price for major dollars, in the hundreds, but I think many people will fall in love with it as I have. I'm using a different yarn for each row, so I'm using the ends of each yarn as a fringe, which will be along each side of the horizontal rows. I'm switching the rib pattern every few inches and the mottled colors you see are the occasional reds and whites I'm putting in for interest. wheeee!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Each time I have the impulse to get some photos of what I've been doing "something" happens. But real soon now I'll stop dithering and line up all the beautiful things I've been doing and make some pitchers.

1. Purple and teal afghan
2. Black afghan
3. black, white, red scarf
4. hats hats hats
5. whites capelet

And there's more.
I forfeited another entire day of knitting (which was my Saturday) in order to go to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday, reports of which are covering blog entries all over the northeast. For the third year in a row I scored some great linen. go figure

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Finished hat

Hat, mixed fibers, stockinette stitch with rib stitch edge, size 10.5 cable needle, 16 in.; double pointed needles for finishing, crochet "twirly things" on top

For some reason I'm not hitting my hat "groove", and it doesn't quite feel right yet. But I'm going to keep on trying until I get it. The hand of this fiber mix is soft and loose, with lots of drape.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Finished hat

Hat, mixed fibers, stockinette stitch with rib stitch trim, size 10.5 cable needle, 16 in.

I took a ball of "Kureyon" and used it for every other color in this hat. Since the colors in the ball change, there's an interesting subtle blend of orange, brown, gold, green and purple. I enjoy these small items because almost as soon as I dream up a fabric it's rendered to create something. Wheeeeee!

And speaking of weaving, Queer Joe spoke of his adventure with a table top loom as being about as complicated as Weavettes. I've had a Weavette as long as I can remember, which is about 40 years now, and I'm still hard pressed to figure out a way to use a piece of Weavette fabric that isn't hideous. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Monday, October 02, 2006

In the studio

Handbag, mixed fibers, size 5 needles, woven stitch

The fall colors are some of my favorites, so I'm sticking with this palette for a month or so. I've been fooling with purse designs so Real Soon Now I'll get out of the envelope design and move on to something else. But until then I'm having fun with it!